Food tours in Paris

Since time immemorial, Paris has been considered a free feast city. Most visitors, however, tend to wonder where exactly are the spots that food enthusiasts could visit. As a foreign individual on vacation in Paris, having a crafted itinerary of your food tour will give you the opportunity to attend some luxurious places to snack, learn and taste a variety of the French culinary. Below are top Paris food tours that foreign individuals who are on holiday in Paris would get a remarkable experience.

i. Maison Plisson

Plisson is considered to be a specialized mass market with artisanal items and a wide variety of food products from most of which are French. The market has leading food varieties which grow locally in France including Meilleur Ouvrier de France butcher, Liberte and Alexia Charraire of Comptoir des Producteurs.

ii. La Grande Epicerie de Paris

All you need to know about Parisian gastronomy

After undergoing a massive renovation making it more expansive with a wide coverage area and variety of food products, the food emporium has several spots to eat on site in addition to a wine cellar with an assortment of different wines.

iii. La Cuisine Paris

La cuisine is a well-known English language cooking school for culinary classes and food tours. You can reserve a three-hour course in advance for professional engagement with enthusiastic home cooks, a well-equipped and comfortable classroom, particularly for macaron lessons.

iv. Belleville Brûlerie

Even though the coffee beans of this specific shop are served only at specialty coffee shops around town, the only boutique that serves this particular brand is the Pradier location. It's primarily considered a center for new baristas where you can book a 90 minutes session and learn to taste coffee like an expert.

v. Les Caves du Louvre

This wine bar is well-known Paris and used as a wine discovery center where you can learn the basics of terroir, smelling, tasting and bottling wine with free entry for self-guided tours or $39 for a guided English tour. By visiting the above Paris food tours, you will have the opportunity to experience and enjoy quality French food and wine and the Parisian way of life.